Nice n warm outside ~ Yay

Helping mommy paint the dining room

I've been dying to make this pudding

Visiting daddy @ work

Love my haircut, but not happy about being in the childcare for bible study

Ready for some fun

My sleeping quarters were cool!

Love my Ginger

Go Colts!

New sleds

Yay Children's Museum

"Hello, Barbie hotline"

Dora/ Diego w/ Reagan

Hayden's first day of school

Snow angel baby

Love to eat my snow balls

Sled ride w/ Mama

Biggest snow girl we could make

Yep, that's me licking my snow girl!

Snuggling w/ my Bubba

Practicing piano

Thanks Janet

Brought my items for a sleepover with mom & dad

Swinging my Liam

Lil monkey

Happy Birthday breakfast in the tub

"This is how you play the piano LiLi"

Made our Christmas jammies

Story time w/ Daddy

Pillow fight with my cousins

Tader gang

Goofy faces

Michael showing Jay and Cam the iPad

My cousins, Joey and Sarah

Don't go Sarah!

Grape juice in a real glass

Piano in my toga for NYE