Grouchy pants

Love my crafts

Love my Max!


Dressing up

Dressing up w/ Chey


Love summer

Ragedy Ann @ Nana's

Playing w/ my Ginger

Tea party w/ Chey

Cowboy boots

On our way to lunch

My buddy Hayden

Silly mama

Playing w/ Ci Ci and Sophie

Next Fashion Runway contestant

Liam's baby shower

Feeding my baby brother

Nana reading to me

See my apple!

Smores w/ the Kitchens

Dress up in Hayden's clothes

Trampoline bouncing

I'm not afraid!

Searching for dinasour bones

Found dinasour eggs w/ Hayden

"Hello, Barbie hotline"

"Catch a fish for me Hayden"

"Let me help you brush your teeth"

Construction work is so hard

My Poo Bear


Bouncing @ Stoney Creek

Family time at Stoney Creek

I'm such a hard worker

Art work

Max and I @ Stoney Creek

So strong

"Don't let go of my hand Max"

Little Monkey


Mommys & Babys

Big girl

Hangin w/ Max

Love my Mousie

Brown Co w/ Frankie

No more chewy vitamins for me

Playing in the pac n play

"I made my Gma a wig"

Morning cartoons w/ LiLi

My cousins Tony & Sebastian

Emptying the dishwasher on Thanksgiving

Star on the 12' tree

Happy Birthday daddy!

Duck pin bowling w/ Max

Mommy helps

I made sooo many baskets!

Sour candy

Eww sour candy

Merry Christmas Max!

Half Bday cupcakes

1/2 Bday party

Chey & Cam

New bike!

Snow cones

Hangin w/ Addie @ Symphony of Prairie

Waiting for fireworks

Little ballerinas

Sweet ballerina

Shepard in Christmas program

Christmas program - out of costume

Gymnastics monkey


Mama and her babies at the zoo

Reagan & Cam w/ Giraffs

Watch me dance Mousie

Tip toes